« M7TH » by Masomenos

France / 2018 / 58:42 / video / color / stereo



Lives and works in Paris, France

We have been working for more than ten years on creating a universe in which psychedelic imagery melds with a bunch a tribal and childlike creatures.

We like to experiment with new forms of expression, constantly pushing the boundaries of our playground as performer, creator and artistic director.

After extensive travels around the world, we settled down in Paris where we had our workshop, and we started to explore new artistic territories.

We develop our universe through various media such as music, graphics, paintings, lights, installations, objects, fashion, 3D, videos and mapping.

Symbols and anthems from neighbouring civilisations enter our universe, where spirituality plays a significant role.

From South America to Africa and Asia, we have brought back from our travels inspirations and themes, such as masks, totems or even animals.

Our creation can be any shape, as long as it allows for listening, seeing and feeling.